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Welcome to our website.

Welcome to our Atlanta-based professional audio and 4K / HD video production company.


We can provide professional services for you and/or your organization, including content ready for YouTube, Facebook, websites (or other streaming services), Live Streaming services, MP3 Host services, and CDs and/or DVDs - all at a fantastically low price for such high quality production.


Our company specializes in all performance styles.  Musicals, Stage Plays, Vocal, Jazz, Big/Swing Band, Orchestral, Choral, Chamber, and Praise Bands.


We can provide any number of DVD or CD copies, including obtaining music rights releases for all non-public domain compositions/arrangements. 

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Lake Audio & Video
200 Renaissance Pkwy NE
Suite 220
Atlanta, GA 30308-2362

Phone:+1 404-462-6100

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