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Backlit cityscapes, fountains, classic sunsets or fireworks - this course teaches you to put your favorite subjects into the right perspective. The course comprises 4 units and provides a useful introduction to general photography.


Look beyond kaleidoscope color effects and focus on the essentials again - your subject. Learn techniques that allow you to create expressive pictures without relying on colors. We will be happy to tell you the dates of our upcoming classes.


We aim to capture the pictures of your dreams. We offer an interesting and varied range of services, from different photo shoots to photography classes. If you are looking to broaden your own personal photography experience, we are also happy to accompany you and your camera in finding the right subjects and trying out different techniques..

Welcome to our website.

Welcome to our Atlanta-based professional audio and 4K / HD video production company.


We can provide professional services for you and/or your organization, including content ready for YouTube, Facebook, websites (or other streaming services), Live Streaming services, MP3 Host services, and CDs and/or DVDs - all at a fantastically low price for such high quality production.


Our company specializes in all performance styles.  Musicals, Stage Plays, Vocal, Jazz, Big/Swing Band, Orchestral, Choral, Chamber, and Praise Bands.


We can provide any number of DVD or CD copies, including obtaining music rights releases for all non-public domain compositions/arrangements. 

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